Crypto APIs 2.0 is now live! 1.0 will remain operational but we highly recommend switching to Crypto APIs 2.0Developers Portal

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  • Getting started
  • Authentication
  • Standards and Conventions
  • Errors and Rate Limits
  • Endpoint Overview

    Our professional API is divided into several main categories:

    Category Description
    Crypto Market Data Endpoint call, which will return market data from crypto exchanges. For example, exchanges lists, trades & quotes details, exchange rates and market pair data.
    Blockchains Endpoints that return data around cryptocurrencies, such as general information for the blockchain, transactions & addresses.

    Crypto APIs provides a unique product for all its clients by unifying, as much as possible, the most common blockchain endpoint functionalities. We have made two mandatory parameters, which can be dynamic per blockchain: COIN & NETWORK.

    The power of the product is exactly this a unified common path, where all you have to do is change the coin value and the network, so that you get the requested information from the blockchain. Visit our Blockchain as Service API`s --> Common section for details.