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  • WebSockets
  • Standards and Conventions
  • Errors and Rate Limits
  • Endpoint Overview

    Our professional API is divided into several main categories:

    Category Description
    Crypto Market Data Endpoint call, which will return market data from crypto exchanges. For example, exchanges lists, trades & quotes details, exchange rates and market pair data.
    Blockchains Endpoints that return data around cryptocurrencies, such as general information for the blockchain, transactions & addresses.

    Crypto APIs provides a unique product for all its clients by unifying, as much as possible, the most common blockchain endpoint functionalities. We have made two mandatory parameters, which can be dynamic per blockchain: COIN & NETWORK.

    The power of the product is exactly this a unified common path, where all you have to do is change the coin value and the network, so that you get the requested information from the blockchain. Visit our Blockchain--> Common section for details.